Cutting your own hair. How to cut your own hair in layers

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Here’s How to Cut Mens Hair
We are going to do a basic mens haircut. It's going to be a taper fade haircut from a number one clipper. These are the tools I'm going to be using just a [...]
Hair coloring at home
Home Hairdressing: Grey Hair Touch Up!
Today we are going to talk about grey hair touch up and how to keep the color last longer or to make it "pop" a little more. I have had grey hair for ten [...]
Washing your hair with mineral water or champagne what lengths would you go to?
Star hairdresser Sam McKnight has suggested that people should wash their hair with bottled water welcome to beautys new battleground Fantastic Man [...]
Can you cut it: what your hairstyle says about you
Once, it was all about the beard: this season its time to experiment with whats on top. But should you go for a Johnny Depp or a Don Draper? When did mens [...]
How many famous female hairdressers can you name? – BBC News
Vidal Sassoon, Trevor Sorbie, Charles Worthington. Just a few high-profile male hairdressers whose names will, more often than not, ring a bell, if only [...]
Herbert Howe: Liverpool’s ‘King of Bling’ hairdresser – BBC News
The skilful snipper had a vision: to create "the Harrods of hairdressing". Image caption Howe's famous Rolls Royce sported the registration plate Bling 1 [...]
British Hair Awards 2016: This Finalist Afro Collection Is A Gorgeous Modern Tribute To African Culture
Armour (makeup by Suhyun Kang-Emeryshot and shot by Luke Nugent) is a tribute to African culture. It represents beauty and strength, which is usually [...]
The End of the Shampoo and Set – BBC News
Image copyright Martin Parr / MAGNUM PHOTOS The traditional "shampoo and set" was the hairstyle of choice for many of Britain's fashion conscious women in [...]
Choosing the Right Hair Salon.
Your Guide in Choosing the Right Hair Salon. What to do if you do not wish to try cutting your own hair. Bad haircut and color are one of the most [...]
Cuttng Your Own Hair needs good preparation
Tips On Cutting Your Own Hair
Tiрѕ оn Hоw to Cut Your Own Hair Sоmе people lоvе tо gо to a salon to have thеir hair сut. Othеrѕ likе сutting and ѕtуling their own hаir. Thе reasons some [...]