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Here’s How to Cut Mens Hair
We are going to do a basic mens haircut. It's going to be a taper fade haircut from a number one clipper. These are the tools I'm going to be using just a [...]
Hair coloring at home
Home Hairdressing: Grey Hair Touch Up!
Today we are going to talk about grey hair touch up and how to keep the color last longer or to make it "pop" a little more. I have had grey hair for ten [...]
Washing your hair with mineral water or champagne what lengths would you go to?
Star hairdresser Sam McKnight has suggested that people should wash their hair with bottled water welcome to beautys new battleground Fantastic Man [...]
The End of the Shampoo and Set – BBC News
Image copyright Martin Parr / MAGNUM PHOTOS The traditional "shampoo and set" was the hairstyle of choice for many of Britain's fashion conscious women in [...]
How to Get a Beautiful Blowout! A Hairdresser’s Secrets & Tips Revealed! Get the Perfect Blowout! Hairdressers most well kept secrets & tips revealed! My name is Danielle and I am a [...]
Buy your hairdressing items on Ebay
Hairdressing Equipment on Ebay
Hairdressing on Ebay
Black gown for hairdressers.
SODIAL(TM) Black Hair Cut Hairdressing Hairdressers Barbers Cape Gown
Hairdressing gown * Perfect for hair cutting, coloring and perming. * If you are a salon owner, hairstylist or just hair cut at home, that's the one you [...]
Haircutting for Dummies from Amazon
Haircutting for Dummies
Want to cut hair but think you don’t have the talent? If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a painter, a sculptor, or a home decorator, you can cut hair. If [...]
C.K Hairdressing Scissors 6.1/2″
6 1/2" Hairdressing scissors Forged and hardened steel for long term performance, Finely polished and chrome plated for protection Product Features C.K [...]
Good to Great Hair
All you need to create your own great hair style at home! Vetica preaches that professional techniques are not difficult; readers just need to know what to [...]