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How many famous female hairdressers can you name? – BBC News
Vidal Sassoon, Trevor Sorbie, Charles Worthington. Just a few high-profile male hairdressers whose names will, more often than not, ring a bell, if only [...]
The End of the Shampoo and Set – BBC News
Image copyright Martin Parr / MAGNUM PHOTOS The traditional "shampoo and set" was the hairstyle of choice for many of Britain's fashion conscious women in [...]
Black gown for hairdressers.
SODIAL(TM) Black Hair Cut Hairdressing Hairdressers Barbers Cape Gown
Hairdressing gown * Perfect for hair cutting, coloring and perming. * If you are a salon owner, hairstylist or just hair cut at home, that's the one you [...]
Haircutting for Dummies from Amazon
Haircutting for Dummies
Want to cut hair but think you don’t have the talent? If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a painter, a sculptor, or a home decorator, you can cut hair. If [...]
C.K Hairdressing Scissors 6.1/2″
6 1/2" Hairdressing scissors Forged and hardened steel for long term performance, Finely polished and chrome plated for protection Product Features C.K [...]
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DIY Hair Razor Comb Scissor Professional Home Thinning Trimmer Hairdressing
Condition:New Material: Plastic Razor combs are used to shorten, shape, and thin the hair, layer the hair. Great for shaping and cutting hair Instructions [...]
Toni Moretti Hairdressing Course – Amazing Evening Updo Hairstyle Easily Toni Moretti Hairdressing Course - Amazing Evening Updo Hairstyle.
Home Salon Nonslip Handle DIY Hairdressing Plastic Hair Curler Khaki Gray
Nonslip plastic handle, easy to use to roll your hairs at home.Great beauty tool for DIY hair style making. Product Features Home Salon Nonslip Handle DIY [...]
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