Save $100 a Year: Cut Your Own Hair

While this is among those often-encouraged thrifty suggestions, this page would not be full without it. Due to the fact that, honestly, you can save quite a sum by cutting your very own hair in the house ... or having a relative do it for you.

My Own Hair-Cutting Adventures

For many years, I didn't visit a beauty salon-- not even a low-cost one. I could not pay to have it cut anywhere for part of that time and for the remainder of the time, I simply decided not to pay for it to be cut due to the fact that I wished to use my cash for various other things.

My mother would cut my hair for length then I'd cut layers in it. Did my hair appear fantastic? No. However it was respectable and I had a good time discovering ways to do layers and simply experiment with it.

Yes, I messed it up occasionally, however it was kind of an adventure. And I sure retained a great deal of cash by cutting my own hair!

Nowadays, I do visit a beauty parlor to have my hair done. It's a splurge we budget plan for and I do not feel one bit guilty about it. However I understand if our spending plan and monetary scenario were ever to alter and we should tighten up things up, I might certainly return to house hair cutting once again.

I'd heartily urge you to think about cutting the journeys to the beauty salon up until you get in a much better monetary position if you are struggling economically. At least attempt to go long as possible between each visit if you do not desire to entirely give up your expert hair cut. Or, try to find cheaper choices.

Practice Makes Perfect-- Or Almost!

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If you're frightened of the damage you may be able to do with scissors, rather than attempt an entire brand-new hairdo, begin simple. Do easy trimmings of your boys' hair and attempt cutting your bangs or a child's hair.

When my hair started getting gray in my 30s, a buddy introduced me to ways to color it myself. I have actually been doing that each month ever since, and I am certain that I have actually saved hundreds of dollars, compared with having a stylist color it. I purchase a brand name I can get at Dollar General, and every month a paper discount coupon insert will have a $1 or $2 off voucher for it. So I only pay $3-$4 a month for hair color!

Possibly you have a buddy who cuts hair and will barter an a different service from you for that if you do not feel comfy doing your own hair care. Ask around-- there are numerous options to pricey hair care out there!

The amount of you can save? Well, that hinges on a great number of elements ... like the number of individuals you have in your household, how many times you normally get your hair cut, and so on. However I can virtually assure you that you'll make savings of well over $100 in a year-- likely far more!

For example, Kikka states: "We have actually discovered that if I cut my spouse's hair and he colors my hair, we are conserving a minimum of $840 a year.".

Are you cutting your own hair? If so, roughly how much do you manage to save each year?