Haircut fails compilation 2017

Don't let this put you off!

5.There you go yeah there's a lot of hair I'm down here because I'm too cheap to go to the hair stylist, and so people are always asking me what I do and as we can see now, oh my god I look like a hun, look like a broom. That's really funny. Dust off her. dust her off Let's take this down and see what it looks like, hopefully not horrid. So it's not that short actually.I ended up putting a lot of layer.s it's going to be fun because I actually won't be able to put my hair up any. Did we not think about that.

4.As you can see there's a problem on my head I was about to comb my hair when as soon as I put this friggin brush inside it got stuck. You know how they trying to grow my hair and this is really gonna help. I don't know what to do.. Yep that just happened hmm.

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3.First I'm just going to take my hair and you section it off like show you a clip got offline on Amazon and wrap it around like so and just hold it a bit and then you're going to work your way down and oh my god.

2.Okay oh oh oh whoa oh oh okay Oh

1.All right so Ive put my hair into two bunches and cut it.I'm actually kind of nervous but if you are nervous do it Oh my god, I didn't want to cut it this short. I didn't want to do this. That's way too short.It's official, I'm a total idiot. Oh my god oh my god I did a mistake