Home Hairdressing: Grey Hair Touch Up!

Today we are going to talk about grey hair touch up and how to keep the color last longer or to make it "pop" a little more.

I have had grey hair for ten years now. . . I´ve been saying "ten years" for some time now so it´s probably longer than I think.I often get questions like: "How do you keep your color, and is it possible to color the hair so it lasts longer?" And the answer to that is "No, there is no permanent color that makes the color last longer. . . ". . . and I do a color touch up almost every time I wash my hair. You might think that it is a bit overkill, but at the same time I often have a very nice tone to my grey hair.Now the color is a bit "tired" because last time I washed it I didn´t do a touch up and I also have little regrowth in the roots.So today we are in my bathroom. I´m almost wearing no make up because I will do the classic "flip over" and was  my hair that´s why I´ve put a black sweater on so you can´t tell if I´m putting hair color all over.

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So what I´m about to do is a "touch-up"during my shampoo routine by using violet and silver pigments to make the color pop again and to help me with this I have these products. . . This is my "secret" recipe. I´m working for a brand called ORIBE.But this has nothing to do with that. . . and I´m telling you this not as the educator I am, now It´s just me as a private person. They will probably not support this so therefore I will only share this secret with you in this circle of trust. So I use their shampoo because I truly love it. It´s a silver shampoo with violet pigments that neutralize yellow tones and it has a lot of nourishing ingredients which makes this a lot better because this kind of hair is bleached so I can get a grey color. Because if you don´t go super blonde you can´t go silver or grey. You need to take away all other pigments in your hair to achieve a grey color. For example if you have brown hair you can´t just add a grey color to make it grey. So therefore you need to take away all the pigments. So this shampoo, with a lot of care and violet pigments but. . . then I add something that´s not approved by my boss. This is totally my idea and this is what I do. I will add to my silver shampoo more shampoo pigments by another brand so here is a shade called 8/81. This contains more silver blue pigments that adds a little more pigments plus this shade 6/45a red color on the colder side of the scale. It contains both red and blue pigments Take a super small amount of the red color! because otherwise you might turn out pink or in worst case, "orangeish" or a tired red color. So I usually take about two drops and a little more out of 8/81.You can use these by itself but It´s not caring for your hair and it´s a bit too much blue pigments so It can turn out a bit "greenish" after a while. And I like when it´s a bit more violet so I will put these products together and make a huge lather.

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I will jump into the shower, not with my clothes on of course, wash my hair with these guys. I will be back to show you how the lather looks like. I have rather fine hair and wash my hair once a week so this is a part of that routine almost every week. Now I have to wait for 5 minutes. I have taken a lot of product of my shampoo mixture because I need a lot of lather. So it´s not like a regular shampoo session where you take a small amount and massage it in and think it will turn out to be a even color. This is a booster so you need to get a lot of products a big amount and about four times and press it in. Massage it into be sure that you have got the color all over so you don´t end up with a sharp circle of color on the one side and nothing on the opposite side. It´s important to massage it in.

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So now I need to wait for about five minutes and then we will see what kind of shade the hair is getting. If you remove a bit of the lather during the process you can get a hint where you are going. When you rinse the hair you will see that the color will be so much softer than what it appears. It will not be as pink as it may show through the lather. Im almost satisfied, almost. . . you can almost see the shade if you look here, almost a little "pink-violetish." It may be a bit difficult for you to see. I will go an rinse it out now. I have another recommendation for you guys. Towel. . . take a old one. I have ruined a couple of them over the years.

A grey towel is not the best choice if you bleach your hair. You easily get bleach stains but if you use grey colors its a very good choice. So If I have any grey left overs somewhere like behind the ears or so it get´s a bit messy at home so it will not show up on my grey towel. This is my official color at home towel.This recommendation is good for you guys who do your hair at home. It´s always better to go see a hairdresser but since I am one I´m allowedd to do it a home. It´s time do blow dry and see what happened.

And this is the result. Can you see? I never wear my hair this straight but it´s easier for you to see the color It has a bit of pinkish grey touch. You can see it clearly when when you are out in the sun. It has more shine, a fresh color not tired color. Even though I´ve used both red and blue pigments but very little. You only get a clear touch up which contains no green tones at all. Just vibrant silver - what do you think?

So this is part of my weekly routine to make my color last longer. I will post another video with step by step to get that violet-pinkish color I go with sometimes.See the picture down below. It´s a bit more difficult and you need to be careful so it does not get totally uneven and messy. It´s super hard to do it on your self You need to work like a hairdresser and watch each section really carefully. And apply it super even all over each strand of the hair. I´m here in my bathroom trying to see where I'm going and trying to apply even and just. . . . "Ok, this will be great. . . I have no idea where I´m putting the color. . . " And it turns out OK. So what I´ve shown you today is much easier. since you have better control with less pigments. You can´t make big mistakes with it and you can´t tell if it is a bit uneven it´s very safe if your not a hairdresser. So for you who wants to get grey, Good Luck! See you soon!