Here’s How to Cut Mens Hair

Basic Mens Haircut

Cut mens hair. We are going to do a basic mens haircut. It's going to be a taper fade haircut from a number one clipper. These are the tools I am going to be using. Just a pair of shears, these are called thinning shears. They have little teeth and then a sharp side, so they just cut a little bit of the hair at a time. So you can thin it out. They are really good for blending a comb a clipper, the number one clipper attachment.

Here's my clippers, and then these are just some T edge trimmers. These are really good for around the ear and for the back of the neck. You need a squirt bottle and a hairdressing cape. If you don't have a cape you can use a garbage bag and just pop a hole in the top or wrap it around. It's a good thing to buy if you're going to be doing your kids and husbands haircuts.

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Starting to Cut Mens Hair

Alright so what we do is we always start with the perimeter. So grab your T edgers and your comb. And I like to start at the back here and you are just going to try to make a straight line. You don't want to cut into the perimeter. Ever! So where the lowest part of the hair or the highest part that the hair comes up on the hairline, you don't want to go higher on the line than that otherwise you're gonna have. Well it's just going to keep getting higher and higher, so i'm going to start pretty low down here. And I try to make a straight line. Also always stand in front of where you're working.

If you try to reach around it's going to go crooked. Walk around the person. It helps if you have a swivel chair. Just make sure you're moving if you don't have one. Okay look down. Then I go down here and clean up any stray neck hairs. Ok that will be cleaned up a little more later. Now go to the side. Same thing. You don't want to cut into the actual hair line. Comb it over and see where it starts to get thin. If you're not sure keep it away from it a little bit. . now around the ears.

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A Longer Cut

Now if you have someone that has a lot of hair that's grown out you can actually start with the attachment to get so you can see a little bit better, So I'm gonna open my clipper up cause he wants it a little bit longer. This would be closed, that would be shorter. This would be a little bit longer so it's a number one attachment. With it open all the way and what you do is upward motions curving up and that will help you to taper it. If you just go straight up to the top and follow the curve of the head you'd end up with not enough hair to blend in.So we're just going to keep it right where the head rolls.

So just flipping it up. You kinda have to flip your wrist up a little bit and don't worry if you have a heavy line right here cause we're going to work on that with the thinning shears and with the scissors later. So you make sure you get nice and tight underneath the ear. That helps it so you can see your perimeter a little bit better. If you are having a hard time not cutting into the hair this is probably a good first step with this haircut. Same thing in the back but you're going to bring it up to here with the roll of the head right.

Flip it up

As it starts to come forward like if you put a flat board against the head as soon as that board disconnects like where it doesn't touch anymore that's where you will try to keep from going over. At that point you would just flip if up like that.It takes some practice, don't give up. Okay so now you have it. I'm gonna take this a little higher, it's still a little bit too low. There we go. Sometimes you just change directions a little bit to get all the hairs.

So now we have this pretty thick line that starts right here all the way around. So what you're gonna do now actually ignore that part. What you'll do now is the edging. Just do a straight line wherever they want the side burn to be. You can ask them. And then you go around the ear, making sure you're not going into the haircut. Make sure you do the same spot for the sideburns. You need to measure them from the front and make sure they're even. Okay now I usually pull this part of the hair forward with a comb, just to taper it in to the face a little bit. And do it on both sides.

Wetting the Hair

Right now we're gonna get this part wet. When you're cutting with scissors you want the hair wet if you're cutting with clippers you'll want it dry. Spray the top part of the hair and comb it and get it to not drip in their face. So now we'll take care of this heavy line first. We're gonna go. I usually start at the right side as close to the face as you can get and I comb the hair forward and then I pull it back into my fingers and then you're going to have a guide down here. See the shortest piece right there? That's where you're going to cut from. You're going to cut straight up with the roll of the head and don't cut any of this yet.

We recommend

You don't want to cut past your second knuckle otherwise you're going to be cutting your fingers and your hands. So try to keep it within this working area right here. So then you go ahead and cut that. Pull it back a little bit. You just do that all the way around. So you should be able to see a little bit of that guide right at the bottom of your fingers. That's where you're trying to match to. Make sure you're moving around the head standing right in fronT of where you're working. So now i usually go back the other way and just try to comb the hair back this way to make sure I got every little spare pieces that are hanging on there.

Thinning Shears are More Forgiving

OK so if you see really close right here, there still is a heavy spot. What i do is take my comb straight up and use my scissors to blend it in a little bit more. You have to be careful not to cut too far in. If this makes you uncomfortable these thinning shears work too and these are a lot more forgiving if you're not a professional hairstylist and you're just trying to do your sons or husbands hair. You need to get a pair of these just to make sure.

This will save your life at first when you're first learning. Your husband will be scared to go to work the next day if you have a pair of these hopefully. So I'm gonna do these cause I'm not scared of them. Maybe practice on your kids. Anywhere you see a little bit of heaviness still right where is connects from the clipper spot to where you did your fingers take the thinning shears or the scissors, just blend it up. I'm just going to do the thinning shears in a few spots to show you how they work. They just blend it right in. Don't think that these are going to make you look bald. Cause they only cut just a few strands of hair unless you're putting it right against the scalp.


Those short hairs will still be there. Well if you have to use them don't go crazy on them. Be careful but just don't think you're going to make your husband look bald by using them. They'll be now with the front you can go ahead and to a mohawk down the middle. Decide how long you want it. This is going to give us our guide all the way down the middle. Right, in the middle comb both sides this way then this way. Pull it straight up. We're gonna go just a little bit longer than finger length, we'll go down to the scalp and then pull it up a little bit and that's my guide. So I'm going to try to match that all the way back down this mohawk, trying to cut only in the first two knuckles and move your hand down.

There we go, oh sorry camera guy, and in the back right here you should match this back section with the top so just cut off any little pieces. OK so now we have the short middle part and these two long sides right here. We need to take one side at a time and even it out so we're going to take this front part. You see how we have short long, short. Just cut off the middle if you have to comb it up a few times just to make sure you got all the pieces, do it and then just move back a little bit so we're just blending in these two sections on the side.

Other Side

OK so now you're going to go to the other side. Same thing so um if you notice what I'm doing with my comb, I'm combing it up then sticking right here on my thumb so i can hold it right there while I cut. So you comb, stick it in your thumb. It saves a little bit of time, you don't need to keep putting the comb down on the counter top. It takes a little bit of practice but you'll get it. I don't even have to think about it anymore, it just happens.

OK now on this side of the head. Since I'm right handed I usually go over here and face the person and do one more section like this, just to get the round of the head. See how there's still the guides. That part gets missed when I'm over there so I like to stand in front of my work to finish this little corner. Now there's a little thing you can do to cross check. So we've been cutting this way if you pull the hair up like this you're able to see if you have any big way long pieces sticking out. Sometimes you'll get just like that like a peek where you didn't realize you missed 'cause your fingers are round. You're missing little sections so this is called cross-checking.

Finishing Up

You can do this all over the top of the head just to make sure you didn't miss anything and over here to make sure. If it's a little weighty like that and you can leave that if you're going to do spiky but if you want it smooth you'll want to cross check as much as you can. You can still do it spiky without that. Okay if you have someone that has really really thick hair and you want it to be easier to spike you can go through the top right now with these thinning shears and chop through the top. I'm not going to do that to him. He has good hair but its not super thick and unmanageable so we'll just leave it.

Now you're ready to either shampoo them or let them go take a shower and when they come back you just stick some gel in it and they're done. So that's about it: How to cut mens hair